Anne Marie Roussel


Anne Marie Roussel “ La boiseuse “

don’t look around ! She is the only one ! Anne Marie collected pieces of wood from the see during years and years. Now, inspired by humanity, she create figurative pieces with poetry and fantasy. She is surrounded by a crowd of amazing creatures jumping, laughing and all in love !

Bénédicte SERRE


Bénédicte Serre invented her own way of painting.

She works with sticked papers and paints in a bright univers. Her canvas are the mirror of life : children, surrealistic villages, trees,nature.

The Bénédicte world is colored by joy, humor and beauty.

Chantal FAVIER

Plastic artist

Chantal Favier is a plastic artist: looking for harmony in each artwork.

Her singular technic combines threads of linen or hemp, ratten, brushed paper, seeds…. to create lines and soft embossed design giving a feeling of gentleness and feminity.

She appreciate the work with others artists bringing new materials.


Painter – Pop Art

Fabrice Daluseau is a painter. ( acrylic & painter’s knife)

Schooled with the pop power, psychedelic movement and feeded with Rock and Roll, his artworks ( women’s portraits) are in the straight line of Andy Wahrol : saturated colours on the crossroad of cartoon and pop art.

François DIDENOT

Metal worker

François Didenot.

Basically, François was a ornamental metalworker. Very fast he became an artist.

Even if the metal is his main material, he mixes wood, stone, fabric ….

His know how : welding, folding, cutting, and more …..

He dares all ! no limit! a free artist.